Hiking Mount Kenya With The Experts

Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and the second highest mountain in Africa. The mountain stands at 5,199 m tall or 17,058 feet. Even though the mountain has for a long time been overlooked by hikers at the expense of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is the highest free-standing mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya has for the last few years become popular with hikers as it offers better chances of getting to the summit. 

The main peaks of the mountain are Batian 5,199 m, Nelion 5,18 m, and Lenana 4,985 m which are all within reach even for the novice hikers.

  • The rolling moorlands that are similar to the Scottish Highlands
  • Hiking the mountain through the dense forest where you find traces of buffaloes and elephant
  • Different bird species that can be spotted better with binoculars
  • Views of the three peaks at the Shipton Camp
  • Seeing the sun rise once in the peak

We have a variety of climbing Mount Kenya packages. In order to make sure that book the best package, kindly contact our team of hiking experts who will advice you on the best route as well as the ideal duration for your mountain climbing.



Hiking Mount Kenya

5 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Sirimon Naromoru Route

This one of the shortest routes to climb Mount Kenya while it also offers great photo opportunity. It has for many years been the most popular route to hike Mount Kenya. It encompasses days of acclimatisation at the Shipton’s Camp ensuring that the hikers get to the summit and descend the mountain without facing any attitude challenges.

7 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Sirimon Chogoria Route

This route has been the popular choice for those who want to make sure that they get to summit the mountain since the long duration means that less distance is covered each day thus ensuring that no hiker will abandon the hike on the way. The Sirimon route offers breathtaking views and a good pace and it leads to Chogoria route which sees hikers passing through gorges, tarns and even waterfalls. This is the best option for first time hikers as it includes acclimatization at Shipton’s camp.

7 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Burguret Chogoria Route

This route is ideal for the adventurous hikers who do not mind hiking through the wilderness. The routes are barely used and offers the best camping and tracking experience where going might be tough as you transverse the wilderness. It is definitely the best route for hikers who are up for a challenge and looking for something more than just summitting Mount Kenya. 

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