Know Our Story

Our success is founded on our commitment to show our motherland to the outside world. We are a Kenyan based company, operated by a team of Kenyans who are dedicated to offering guests the best Kenya safari experience. 

All our safari experts are Kenyans and have undergone adequate training in order to make sure that they offer our guests memorable safari experience. Even though we have over 200 ready made safari packages, the packages are customizable as we strive to offer our clients safari experiences that they will remember through their lifetime. 

Even though our name might suggest that we specialize with Masai Mara safaris alone, that is not the case since due to the increased demand for safari to other destinations, we also offer safaris to all Kenya attraction.

From our experience in the Kenya safari industry, we have realized that the best approach to ensuring guest satisfaction is to consult with the guests and then advice the guests on the best safari option. Thus, do not be surprised when you find that our safari consultants are not aggressively selling you a package to a specific destination. If your aim is to see the migration, we will advise you the best time to book the safari and give you the chance to select date of safari and the accommodation level.

We are an independent Masai Mara safari company and we have not entered into any contracts to upsell any accommodation or park to our clients. Our approach is to always understand the kind of safari experience the guest is looking and from that understanding customize a safari package ideal for the guest in consultations with the guest. Thus, by simply inquiring about our safari services, you can be assured that our safari consultants are going to furnish you with all the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision on the safari package to book.

Why You Should Go On A Safari With Us

Masai Mara Safari Service is a Kenyan based company with its offices in Nairobi Kenya. We know Kenya and our guides are ready to take you a safari of your lifetime. Her are some of the reasons why you should book your Kenya safari with us.

Experienced Safari Guides

As a company, we invest a lot of resources in training and development of our guides. All our guides are Kenyans and know a lot about the country. They have amassed may years of experience working in the tourism industry and as such, you are guaranteed a great safari experience with us.

Customizable Safaris

By using our safari service, you will be provided with the option to tailor make your safari. We do not dictate the date that your safari has to take place or the accommodation that you have to choose when in safari.

Over 200 Safari Packages

Masai Mara Safari Services offers safaris to all tourist destinations around Kenya. Therefore, by choosing us as your safari tour operator, you will have a wide choice of safari packages to choose from.

Independent Safari Operator

Unlike some safari operators that are commission based, we are independent as can be confirmed by the fact that we give you the option to choose the level of accommodation as well as the parks that you would like to visit.

Pay Deposit - Balance on Arrival

When making a booking, you do not need to pay all the amount at once. We only required that you pay a deposit and cleat the balance before the safari actually commences.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Therefore, if you have any query during your safari, when making a booking, or before a safari, feel free to contact us any time.

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